About us

About Us

BABGi Engineering Consultant Company Founded in 2017, (BABGi) is an industry leading provider of Engineering services across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

BABGi Engineering’s track record is marked by the successful execution of milestones projects and the long and enduring relationships that we have forged with our clients.

Our services span the entire development spectrum and are “Glocal”. This term reflects our global exposure thru a series of affiliations combined with a deep knowledge of the local markets that enables us to deliver world-class projects throughout the kingdom consistently.

At the core of our business model is efficiency, cost management and customisation. Employing a highly methodic approach, we ensure that our clients achieve their unique project goals whilst creating sustainable assets that provide long-term value.

Design Philosophy

We would like to create long term assets for our client and users through creative planning and efficient designs. We are committed to the pursuit of quality planning and innovative design with the creative use of modern building technologies., Green building systems and innovative use of materials. This combination will give a project both economic viability and long –term sustainability.


BABGI Engineering applies these fundamental guiding principles and into every project that we undertake. Our designs are functional, expressive, and contemporary insofar as the project brief dictates. With the recent emphasis on the environment and sustainable development. BABGI Engineering has commenced a training program to upgrade all project team members’ knowledge on the latest energy efficient materials, green construction techniques, sustainable architecture, recycling technologies as well as sponsoring team members to obtain LEED certification.


The firms mission is to provide Innovative, Precise, Efficient and Timely architectural services as part of our design philosophy. BABGi Engineering’s Management team have been tasked with different roles and responsibilities for design, management, construction, contracts and marketing. It is this complementary supporting role that gives us the framework to deliver to our clients a high-quality level professional service.

Fields of work

Fields of work

We have successfully designed and delivered projects for a diverse range of clients including public listed firms, private corporations, government agencies and individual personalities. The category of projects covers a broad range of building types in the following areas:

Our team spans all engineering disciplines, are rigorously selected and trained to perform at peak level. We ensure the team members are part of a continuous training and development program to keep up with the latest building techniques.